What is Shilajit?

Altitude recovery

Increased energy

enhanced immunity

muscle recovery

improved exercise

sexual performance

the most complete, bioavailable,
herbomineral supplement on the planet!

A big part of the magic of shilajit has to do with how it is born. It is messy, sticky, smelly, and is formed in deep geological spaces. Chemically, it is a naturally occurring adaptogenic substance found deep in the Himalayan mountains. It contains many trace metals and minerals that we simply don’t get in our modern highly processed diets. Taking vitamin supplements, some people even take mineral supplements, but they’re not getting the good stuff in a bioavailable format.

Shilajit is formed through both biological and natural interactions between plant matter, bacteria, and minerals locked within mountain rocks. When plants die on the cliffs, their remains are decomposed by a host of microorganisms. Rain and melting snow move this decaying slurry deep into cracks and crevasses where it becomes compressed. Over many years, the decaying matter is compressed further and its moisture absorbs and leeches minerals from the surrounding rocks. When the slurry is compressed enough to become a resin it is finally in a state where it can be acted upon by heat. The baking Himalayan sun superheats the surrounding rocks and what is now shilajit resin boils up from the depths below and drips down cliff faces in black rivulets of tar. This is why it is called the “blood of the mountains.”

Our Nepalese guides regularly take this substance, and they harvest their supply directly from the mountain itself. In its native form, shilajit is a sticky, black, tar-like substance that eventually hardens into large hard chunks. Brave and enterprising men and women then scale the cliff faces and chip the black rocks down. The chunks are then collected in bags below by sturdy folk and hauled many miles to local villages where the shilajit is traditionally processed and filtered to distill it back into its resinous form. Genuine shilajit has a deep smoky flavor that reminds us of mesquite and a warm toasty fire… except in your mouth… and without the burning. Oh, you wanted the short answer?

Time to peak!