The Peak Shilajit Capsule

Our product is different for many important reasons. First, it is made of 100% pure shilajit resin. Most importantly, we’ve figured out how to successfully encapsulate resin! Again, this is resin, no powders, and absolutely no fillers whatsoever. Within the silajit capsule you are getting the purest, most potent shilajit. Second, we blend a unique herb called Ashwagandha into our shilajit capsule. This herb is a well-known and used substance in Ayurvedic healing. It also boosts the immune system and offers many other benefits. Our unique blend of Purified Himalayan Shilajit and Ashwagandha create a powerful and synergistic combination in a capsule like no other. When taken together, these two adaptogenic substances greatly enhance each others benefits. Lastly, we source our shilajit from Nepal which is currently producing the most potent and clean shilajit in the world.

Here at Peak Shilajit we do one thing and one thing only. Shilajit Capsules! We’ve spent years sourcing and formulating THE most potent Shilajit capsule product in the world and made it easy to take. Forget scooping powders, breaking off pieces of solid resin, or trying to measure sticky tar. Our Ashwagandha stabilizes the sticky substance inside of an easy to swallow capsule while enhancing its benefits. In resin form, the mineral has a very intense smell and strange texture. It must be taken diluted in warm water or milk, making it much less convenient for a busy, active lifestyle. Our shilajit capsules are specially formulated to provide the best benefit in a way that is convenient for your life. Peak Shilajit can help overcome tiredness, lethargy, and chronic fatigue. It can also improve the body’s ability to handle high altitude stresses, recover from exercise, and stimulate the immune system. Shilajit is also taken to boost sexual health and function.*

Our Shilajit (also known as shilajeet) is naturally occurring and hand collected deep in the Nepalese mountains. It is formed as decomposing plants and microorganisms seep into rocky fissures and geologically compress over many years. Minerals slowly leech from the stones as a sticky resin. Finally, the hot mountain sun superheats the stones and causes the mineral infused herbal resin to boil up from the depths and seep onto rocky outcroppings. Shilajit is nicknamed “Blood of the Mountains.”

The best shilajit capsule (silajit capsule)

Shilajit Capsule Benefits

Our silajit capsule is made with 100% pure shilajit RESIN. That’s right RESIN. All other capsules on the market put over-dried shilajit powder, which lacks the potency of a resin, in their capsules. These other products also mix all kinds of icky fillers like rice starch and cellulose with their shilajit. Our shilajit is also blended with an herb called Ashwagandha. This herb has been used for thousands of years in Ayurvedic healing. The biggest benefit of this herb is its ability to boost, repair, and protect the immune system. Ashwagandha helps to stabilize blood sugar, and offers many additional benefits, making it the perfect herb to blend with our shilajit. Our shilajit capsules are made with 450 mg of pure shilajit, and 200 mg of Ashwagandha. Not only does the addition of the herb boost the benefits, it stabilizes the stickiness of the shilajit for capsule form.

Exercise Benefits

Our product is especially beneficial for those who partake in endurance sports and lots of exercise. This is because it aids with the renewal of tissue so your muscles heal faster and are less fatigued. It also boosts the immune system, as well as helping against the effects of altitude.

Sexual Benefits

Our capsules are also used as a powerful sexual enhancer when used by men and women. In fact, it is often used to help with fertility problems, as it helps to increase sperm counts/motility and boost testosterone levels. Shilajit has been used for this purpose for thousands of years.

Health Benefits

Our product offers many different health benefits, including the ability to help your blood cleanse itself from toxins, the renewal of cells in your body, boosting of the metabolism, as well as boosting and healing heart and brain function.

Frequently Asked Questions

There are many different companies selling many different forms of shilajeet. Shilajit capsule price is important, but you need to consider quality before the price, as fillers can be harmful. We strive to offer the fairest prices for our high-quality product so you get the most benefit to your health.

Shilajit capsules uses are many: This incredible substance benefits your health in many ways, from boosting your workout results, sexual health, and more. The added ashwagandha also provides stress relief.

The shilajit capsule side effects are minimal: Shilajit may increase uric acid and iron. As always, speak with your medical provider before beginning any new regimen.

Altitude recovery

Increased energy

enhanced immunity

muscle recovery

improved exercise

sexual performance

Peak Shilajit Capsule Benefits: the most complete, bioavailable, herbomineral supplement on the planet!