"We did what seemed impossible, Deliver true shilajit resin in a capsule form!"

Founder's Peak Promise

To provide the highest quality, purest, himalayan shilajit, to enhance the bodies and lives of athletes everywhere.

Hand collected from locally sourced ingredients, using thousand year traditions, and simply the finest available anywhere.

No fillers, no powders, no bullsh*t. Only 100% pure shilajit resin in an easily accessible capsule form.

Our Story

Peak Discovery

Peak Shilajit was born out of adventure. When traveling and mountaineering in Nepal we were faced with the rigors of extreme high altitude mountain climbing and hiking. Our Nepalese guides had no difficulties whatsoever. Obviously, they were accustomed to traveling in such conditions, but as avid outdoor enthusiasts, we were too. We asked them what their secret was and they mentioned the “Blood of the Mountains”. They would drink this black sticky substance every morning in warm milk, and they attributed a great deal of their strength and stamina to its medicinal properties. They shared their “Blood of the Mountains” with us, and we noticed the benefits almost immediately. Shortness of breath, exhaustion, and muscle fatigue seemed to decrease significantly after taking the sticky resin. The benefits were real.

So, we got back on a plane, and went back. We sought out our previous guides and asked them where they got it. They harvested it themselves when they encountered it on the high mountain cliffs, which was often, but they were only two men. All was not lost, they referred us to a local outfit that was equipped to harvest it in quantities. 

We verified the source, tested the product, and a healthy sustainable partnership was born!


"Airport" at Altitude
The Harvesters are Amazing Athletes

Peak Exploration

After this experience, we were hooked! We wanted to share with the mountaineering and athletic community. Research revealed many other products already on the market, and they were widely identified as shilajit. We sampled a diverse range of products, powders, resins, pastes, capsules… but none of them compared to the authentic shilajit we had experienced in Nepal. 

Peak Formation

We didn’t stop there. Being avid backpackers we found transporting and consuming shilajit resin was very difficult. No other capsules we tried were up to our standard of potency. All of them used shilajit powder, and included unhealthy fillers. We decided to take matters into our own hands. 

After much trial and error we figured out how to put maximum potency resin into a capsule, and today, we continue to provide top quality shilajit. 

We know and understand that shilajit is portrayed as extremely difficult to obtain and exceedingly rare. This is true in one sense, geographically in India. 

Indian shilajit is definitely rare and hard to obtain. In fact, in 2013 the Indian Goverment BANNED the export of Shilajit. Demand for genuine shilajit has far outstripped the country’s ability to harvest it and their natural reserves are largely depleted. 

In contrast, the Nepalese Himalayas are largely untapped and shilajit is still sustainably abundant there. Not only is Shilajit abundant in Nepal, the Nepalese Himalayas are not as impacted by pollution as their neighbor’s to the south.

We continue to keep a critical eye on the sustainable and responsible harvest of Himalayan shilajit.