How Our Shilajit Capsule is Unique

Our capsules are made with 100% pure shilajit RESIN. That’s right RESIN. All other capsules on the market put over-dried shilajit powder, which lacks the potency of a resin, in their capsules. These other products also mix all kinds of icky fillers like rice starch and cellulose with their shilajit. Our shilajit is also blended with an herb called Ashwagandha. This herb has been used for thousands of years in Ayurvedic healing. The biggest benefit of this herb is its ability to boost, repair, and protect the immune system. Ashwagandha helps to stabilize blood sugar, and offers many additional benefits, making it the perfect herb to blend with our shilajit. Our shilajit capsules are made with 450 mg of pure shilajit, and 200 mg of Ashwagandha. Not only does the addition of the herb boost the benefits, it stabilizes the stickiness of the shilajit for capsule form.

Altitude recovery

Increased energy

enhanced immunity

muscle recovery

improved exercise

sexual performance

Our Shilajit is naturally occurring and hand collected deep in the Nepalese mountains. It is formed as decomposing plants and microorganisms seep into rocky fissures and geologically compress over many years. Minerals slowly leech from the stones as a sticky resin. Finally, the hot mountain sun superheats the stones and causes the mineral infused herbal resin to boil up from the depths and seep onto rocky outcroppings. 

Shilajit is nicknamed “Blood of the Mountains.”

Peak Shilajit Capsules:
100% Active Ingredients, No Fillers Added


Why We Do It

How We Do It

As avid climbers and hikers, we were  accustomed to rigorous exercise and high altitude demands. Traveling to the Himalayan Range brought a new level of muscle fatigue and exhaustion we expected. However, we began to notice the strength and endurance of our Nepalese guides was far beyond ours, and experiencing the imbalance, we began to believe they knew something that we did not.

"They knew
we did not."

It turns out that a lifetime of climbing and living at altitude was not the secret… they pulled out a small bundle of wax paper holding a small sticky ball of shiny black resin. It smelled like a campfire, and tasted like it too. They called it “shilajit”. They graciously shared it with us, and we noticed almost immediate results.

"We became obsessed
with this
amazing goo."

Our performance increased and our recovery decreased considerably 

  • we were less tired
  • altitude impact decreased 
  • muscles were less fatigued

"But, there
was a

We became obsessed with this amazing “goo” and quickly made it a part of our routine. But there was a problem, the resin was a black sticky mess.

  • If the shilajit resin got too warm, it would liquify and seal shut anything we stored it in.
  • If it got too cold, it would solidify, making it impossible to break off a dose.
  • Lastly, the resin is so impossibly sticky, and measuring any reliable dose from a ball of tar without a scale (we don’t carry scales in our backpacks) is exceedingly difficult.

"A capsule
was the only
way to go."

A shilajit capsule was the only way to go. We ventured to try everything on the market but were unimpressed. 

Packed with fillers, vegetable cellulose, rice starch, you name it, they fell short. Even worse, the shilajit inside these capsules was always over dried powder and lacked the potency of a true shilajit resin we experienced. We didn’t feel anything when taking it.

Being stubborn and uncompromising, we decided to make our own shilajit product.

"This seemed

Getting a sticky resin into a capsule was NOT easy. After hundreds of trials and errors (picture oven mitts, boiling liquid shilajit resin, and lots of burns/injuries), it seemed almost impossible to easily encapsulate shilajit resin. We shelved the idea for a long time and then an unplanned alchemical synergy “Peaked” the day.

'Peaked' the day."

Then an idea struck. Let’s mix the two!

Enter ashwagandha, a potent herb in its own right that our team was already taking with excellent results.  

We combined our shilajit resin with ashwagandha and added some of our own alchemical wizardry to find that the sticky resin stabilized enough to be put into capsules. Not only was the resin stable, it was also enhanced by the addition of the ashwagandha. Alchemical synergy!

Time to peak